Pacific NW Properties Taps Rooftop to Go Solar

PV System Improves Marketability to Environmentally-Friendly Tenants

Portland, OR – May 27, 2014 – Pacific NW Properties (PNWP), a leading property management and real estate development firm in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area, announced today that they have completed the installation of a photovoltaic solar system on their Tigard Triangle Commons Office Park – their first facility to utilize solar power.  

The 98 kW photovoltaic (PV) system is expected to cut the building’s annual electric bill by 25%.  The rooftop system consists of 386 panels and will produce approximately 124,519 kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first year of operation.  Over the life of the system, this equates to the reduction of more than 57,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.  Unique to the system is a flat-roof racking and mounting system designed to eliminate penetrations to the existing roof.

According to Paul Gram, General Manager and chief operating officer of Pacific NW Properties, “The Tigard property was selected because of is high occupancy rate, its annual energy consumption and moderately high utility rates – we were paying around 12 cents per kWh.”  Added gram, “The decision to install solar was made after our evaluation showed that its addition would yield a good ROI with a payback of less than 4 years.  Economics were ultimately important as was gaining control over our energy expenses and eliminating future utility increases.”

The business case for solar was clear to Pacific NW Properties in both the financial and  environmental sense. Adding solar fit PNWP’s corporate goals of being a more environmentally responsible company.  Gram views solar as a sustainability enhancement that will allow the company to not only reduce energy costs, but improve its ability to market to environmentally-friendly tenants and drive greater value into their property portfolio.  “With a large percentage of a commercial building’s operating expenses originating from its energy use, a sustainable approach to real estate investment management is crucial for the long term,” says Gram.

Kirk Cameron, President of NW Photon Energy, system developer and installer, notes that Pacific NW Properties’ commitment to solar is a continued example of their foresight and approach to property management and customer service.  “They have identified solar as a means to leverage underutilized roof space to improve operating efficiencies and competitiveness of their buildings,” comments Cameron.

“Motivated by their desire to help the environment, control facility and tenant costs, and by the availability of an attractive state incentive program from Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific NW Properties is creating a model which other property management firms and property owners can embrace,” says Cameron.  The next phase in Pacific NW Properties’ energy management plan involves identifying additional solar project opportunities in its portfolio.  The company recently contracted a second solar system to be installed at its 217 Corporate Office.  

About NW Photon Energy

NW Photon Energy of Lake Oswego, Oregon, is an active provider, designer and installer of turnkey photovoltaic (PV) solar systems in the Pacific Northwest.  They offer a full range of services in connection with the planning, development, implementation, operations and financing of commercial and utility scale solar applications.  NWPE is an approved Energy Trust Trade Ally.

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Kirk Cameron, President
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About Pacific NW Properties

Pacific NW Properties (PNWP) was established in 1990 and is a leading source for companies looking to lease commercial real estate in the Northwest.  With a focus on suburban office and multi-tenant industrial business parks, PNWP actively engages in real estate development, asset management and facility leasing.  Pacific NW Properties’ current portfolio for lease exceeds 2,500,000 square feet with the largest concentration of properties in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area.

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Paul Gram, General Manager and chief operating officer
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