Memory Care Community Utilizes Solar Power

Hillsboro, OR - February 4, 2013 - Rosewood Specialty Care today announced the commission of its 24 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic (PV) solar system. Rosewood Specialty Care, owned and operated by Brookwood Court Assisted Living, LLC, is a 48 bed residential care facility designed to accommodate individuals affected by Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of memory impairment. This installation is one of the first in Hillsboro on a senior or assisted living facility and is expected to offset electricity costs by approximately twenty-five percent.

The 24kW system was designed and installed by leading solar provider, NW Photon Energy of Lake Oswego, Oregon. The 98-panel solar electric system is expected to generate approximately 20,025 watts and reduce annual electricity costs by $4,200. The energy produced will be used by the complex's units as well as the kitchen, laundry and other common spaces.

Kirk Cameron, President of NW Photon Energy, noted that Rosewood Specialty Care was able to take advantage of Portland General Electric's Net Metering Service which allows customers to generate their own electricity and reduce their energy bills. "The power you use monthly from your utility is offset by the power you generate. You are charged for the difference or ‘net'," said Cameron.

"The cash incentive from Energy Trust of Oregon made the investment a reality for us," commented Eric Jacobsen, co-owner of Rosewood Specialty Care. "Systems purchased this way are instantly economical," said Jacobsen. The payback for the system is less than a 5-year return on investment, the warranty is for 25 years and the systems' life expectancy is 30-40 years. "The savings we gain on this solar project will further enhance our resident's way of life at Rosewood and be a benefit to our community for decades."

Cameron further notes that the City Of Hillsboro was extremely supportive of the project by not assessing a permitting fee normally required for projects of this nature. "The City has been aggressively committed to the development of new solar projects and the opportunity to address the energy challenges that Hillsboro faces" says Cameron. "Rosewood Specialty Care is pleased to be added to the growing list of solar commercial installations in the city."

About NW Photon Energy
NW Photon Energy of Lake Oswego, Oregon, is an active provider, designer and installer of turnkey photovoltaic (PV) solar systems in the Pacific Northwest. They offer a full range of services in connection with the planning, development, implementation, operations and financing of commercial and utility scale solar applications. NWPE is an approved Energy Trust Trade Ally.

For more information, please contact:
Kirk Cameron, President
(503) 697-4482

About Rosewood Specialty Care
Rosewood Specialty Care is specifically designed and devoted to accommodate individuals affected by Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of memory impairment. Rosewood's goal is to help residents live each day to its fullest while encouraging independence and providing a safe, barrier-free environment. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, Rosewood offers a comfortable living environment as well as peace of mind to families faced with one of the most difficult decisions a family must make - placing a love one in a care facility.

For more information, please contact:

Heather Tierney, Executive Director
(503) 259-8999

Eric Jacobsen, Owner
(503) 675-3925