Energy from the sun can be directly converted to electricity using solar cells, also known as Photovoltaic or PV. For the past decade, PV production has enjoyed accelerated growth and all indicators show that even higher growth is expected in years to come. The demand for the product is from various sources including Federal and State initiatives to produce clean, renewable energy sources. The Sun is the largest resource for renewable power and solar technology has been virtually untapped. As growth occurs, manufacturers are being created all over the world including the US, Taiwan and China to meet the demand. The additional competition and improved technology has industry experts forecasting solar power as a very cost-effective method for renewable energy.

NW Photon Energy specializes in PV technology offering:
  • Mono and Poly Crystalline Panels
  • Composite/Metal Roof and Canopy Installation
  • Penetrating and Non-Intrusive Mounting Systems
  • Single and Dual Access Tracking Systems
  • System and String Monitoring
Solar panel technology continues to improve by producing panels to attract and capture energy at higher efficiency rates. NW Photon Energy is concentrating its efforts in Photovoltaic technology that provides maximum solar conversion while experiencing minimal production and installation costs. By developing efficient, cost-effective operations and utilizing locally-based solar partners, NW Photon Energy continues to strengthen its capacity to expand its systems and services.